All Inclusive Maldives

Best All-inclusive Resorts in Maldives? What they offer?

When you plan your dream holiday in the Maldives, you will go through many booking sites, search for Maldives holidays, and notice that a considerable number of the resorts offer all-inclusive packages. The Maldives has one of the highest concentration of all-inclusive resorts in the world & these all-inclusive packages provide you with a way to dine, drink and relax […]

Top 10 All-Inclusive Resorts of Maldives

The Maldives has over 1200 island fans out across the Indian ocean. Maldives open borders on 15th July with tourist-friendly restrictions, rules, and safety measures. Post covid-19 travel Maldives has become the no 1 destination. All-inclusive holidays are becoming more popular in post covid travel. Holidaymakers are expecting more value in their package. The All-inclusive offering of Maldives redefined with […]