All Inclusive Maldives

6 luxurious all inclusive resorts in the Maldives with the best Paddle Tennis facilities

The Maldives is a remarkable destination, ideal for unforgettable vacations. The country consists of approximately 1,190 islands and sandbanks spread across 298 km2 on top of an underwater mountain range. Visitors to the Maldives will be treated to clear blue waters, coral reef structures that protect the exclusive and impressive marine life below and stunning white-sand beaches. Paddle tennis is […]

Best All-inclusive Resorts in Maldives? What they offer?

When you plan your dream holiday in the Maldives, you will go through many booking sites, search for Maldives holidays, and notice that a considerable number of the resorts offer all-inclusive packages. The Maldives has one of the highest concentration of all-inclusive resorts in the world & these all-inclusive packages provide you with a way to dine, drink and relax […]